NFT Community UX Research
NFT Community UX Research

NFT Community UX Research


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This assignment was done as part of our 10k Designers masterclass as a group. As part of our research, we were to evaluate an online community and understand how people spend time on these communities, their behavior, and their usage patterns, gather findings that could be distilled into insights, and prepare a report in a duration of 9 days.

Niche - NFT community Community -Bored Ape Yacht Club Project Duration- 9 days

🔮 Niche

We were free to select the topic for this assignment, so we chose the NFT community as we are witnessing the growth of NFT Communities in the virtual world and the Bored Ape Yacht Club as the community to research.

☄Deep dive

What are NFT's?

  • NFT's are tokens that represent ownership of unique goods. We can tokenize things such as art, collectibles, and even real estate. They have only one official owner at a time and are protected by the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures that no one can change the record of ownership or create a new one.
  • NFT stands for non-fungible token. Objects such as your computer, your furniture, or a song file can be considered non-fungible. Because of their unique properties, these items cannot be exchanged for other items.
  • In contrast, fungible items are exchangeable because the value of the item defines it rather than its unique properties.


What are NFTs used for?

NFTs are often questioned as to whether they have use cases. It has already been suggested several potential uses for this concept, although it's in its infancy. A few of the use-cases and visions for NFTs on Ethereum.

Collectables, Tickets, Domain names, Digital content, Fashion, Gaming items, Investments, and collateral


Popular NFT marketplace.

Out of all marketplaces, Opensea has the most traffic, while BAYC is ranked 3rd as the top nft project on it.

What is Bored ape yacht club?

  • Currently, Bored Ape Yacht Club has the second-largest trading volume among all the NFT collection profile images after CryptoPunks-and they've only been around since April 2021.
  • As the name implies, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is framed as an exclusive organisation, and having an NFT entitles one to membership. Users gain access to an exclusive Discord server, for example, where fellow owners, Celebrities included hang out and chat. As social media avatars have become increasingly familiar, Apes are flocking together in a digital brotherhood.
  • The popularity of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs has increased steadily over time. Artists such as The Chainsmokers, Waka Flocka Flame, and Jermaine Dupri also own Apes. The NBA star purchased one in August 2021 for $180,000 worth of Ethereum, and he joined NBA teammates Josh Hart and Tyrese Haliburton, as well as NFL players Dez Bryant and Von Miller in owning one. 

🐵Why BAYC?

  • In 2021, NFT avatars became so popular that individual images could be sold for millions of dollars, allowing images to be collected and shared on social media, generating billions of dollars of trading volume.
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club stands out among all the other projects.
  • According to data from CryptoSlam, Bored Ape NFTs have generated more than 750 million in trading volume. These avatars are rapidly becoming the Twitter NFT avatar of choice for athletes, musicians, and many more. The Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT gives access to the aforementioned "club," and membership comes with numerous perks.

🥅 Goals

  • Understand how communities work virtually and how they operate
  • Evaluate the community and understand the users’ experience throughout
  • Research on other similar communities
  • Get user Inputs and validate our hypothesis
  • Come up with solutions to some user pain points


👉 Secondary Research

Through secondary research, we studied how NFT communities work around the world and what people do in those communities.

Elements that distinguish NFT internet from the internet today


Deep dive into BAYC community

  • For an overview of BAYC's community, we collected data from different platforms. (As of 19th September 2021)

Here's an overview of BAYC communities on the internet.


  • Considering the data and interaction of the community, Discord is the main platform for engaging with the community.

🔄User flow of discord onboarding:

  • Below is the onboarding flow of a user when they enter the server looks like
  • We observed the hurdles that some users faced while entering and pointed areas where we could make the experience better
  • Thus listed a few improvements accordingly


🏠Information Architecture

The server is divided into several channels and provides roles and bots for better functioning of the server.

Here is the Information Architecture of the Server


👨‍💻 Roles

  1. Club founders: Founders are the people who built the Bored Ape Yacht Club.
  2. Club manager: Managers are the admins who do tasks for the founders.
  3. Club Officer: Officers are those who are responsible for everything that happens on the server
  4. Club Mod: Their main job is to moderate or delete messages, as well as invite, ban, or suspend people who violate the server's rules in different channels. All club managers, officers, and mods have different responsibilities but help to moderate the chat collectively.
  5. Verified Bored Apes- This role is assigned to the ones who have ape NFT in their wallet.
  6. Verified Bored dogs- This role is assigned to the ones who have bored ape kennel dog NFT in their wallet.
  7. Ape drifters- This is the welcoming role assigned to all the members of the community. There are many other roles like Bartender, Club Drunk, Wild purple, DMT gang, etc, which are the custom-trait ones that depend on the ape the people are holding.

🤖 Bots

  1. Ape-bot: Tells all statistics related to BAYC, NFT floor, volume stats, open sea stats (in order to use this bot u have to verify yourself first)
  2. Bot looking over the whole BAYC community
  3. Ape-sales-bot: Specifies the sales of the apes that are sold
  4. Dog-sales-bot: Sales of dog NFTs

5. Mutant-sales-bot: Sales of mutant NFTs

Primary Research

The Primary Research was divided into three stages- Direct observation, User survey & Interview

Part 1: Direct Observation

In order to dig deeper, we conducted a research study among the available community and gathered some findings from them as well.


Part 2: User Survey

We conducted a survey with the help of Google Forms and we were able to get responses from 10 users overall.

The survey was as follows:



Few insights which we got from our quantitative research

  • The majority of participants (60%) were between the ages of 18 and 25.
  • For 3-12 months, every participant has been involved in the NFT ecosystem.
  • Approximately 70% of the participants have a proper understanding of how NFTs work.
  • Among the participants, 70% viewed themselves as both artists and collectors, and 30% were collectors.
  • Social media (90%) was the most common way in which participants found Bored Ape.
  • The majority of participants (70%) acquired the Bored Ape NFT's through the Secondary Market - OpenSea.
  • Participants (80%) were largely owners of the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT.
  • The platforms where the participants are most active are Discord and Twitter.
  • Most participants use Discord for either Networking (70%) or Exploring (80%).
  • About 60% chose to be part of the community due to its Solid Roadmap, while 50% joined due to the hype surrounding it.
  • 80% of the participants felt the community was quite helpful for them.

Part 3: User Interview

One on One User interview

We interviewed 2 users from the community, and below are the questions and some insights from each of them

NFT collector

When did you get your ape?

I got it when they were almost sold out

How did you discover about NFTs?

Initially, I only explored NFTs after Nyan Cat was sold, and then went deeper after Beeple's art was sold for $69 million.

How active are you in this community?

I am not as active on the server as I would like, but I love it so I try to devote as much time as I can to it

What are the features in this community you like the most?

The vibe people share what they are up to with each other and help each other when they are in need. People rallied behind one of the non-ape holders after he was scammed, and they researched blockchain together and helped him

Which marketplace do you use the most?

Considering the number of projects I am interested in launching on Opensea, I use Opensea a lot.

I also tried rarible but it has a lot of scam projects and the UI isn't as good as opensea

Do you feel your query gets solved in the community?

Most of the questions get answered quickly, but sometimes it takes 1/2 hour or more due to the unavailability of the moderators, but almost all the questions have already been answered before; people rarely refer to them.

What type of people is present in the community?

The community is very diverse, we have people who have been into nfts from 2017, we have people who are new just starting out, we have people of all ages, and we have a great variety of views.

What type of topics are discussed in the community?

The topics discussed are diverse as I have already mentioned, there is a lot of diversity among people so the topics discussed are also diverse, not limited to nfts.

What are few things you don't like about this community or something u feel needs improvement?
  • We want people to be honest about other projects and not shill for whitelisting
  • Change #otherprojects channel into a place where people can share their thoughts and projects not shill
  • The best thing about the server is when people fill VC and talk and laugh together. More community events should be held.
  • When I hear about scammers taking advantage of small people, I feel bad for them
What are your thoughts on different channels in the community? do you think there can be an improvement in the channel organization?
  • While there are a lot of things that can be done, Discord itself restricts from making everything seamless, so everyone is still happy even though we can make a few changes.
  • Additionally, collabland bot isn't too good either
What makes you love NFTs?

Making money and changing your life as Axie Infinity has done for people in Philippines, people who weren't able to make money due to COVID-19,are now making more than their daily wage while sitting at home

NFT artist

How did you discover about NFTs?

As soon as Nyan Cat was sold out, I did some research and found out about NFTs

Are you active in nft communities?


Where do you interact with people from nft space or learn what people are up to?

Nft twitter is an important part of my life, and I still check the discord channel for updates on communities

Which platform do you prefer?

For 1/1 collection foundation as an artist but for a big collection, Opensea, rare

Are you part of any artist communities?

Yes, I'm a member of a few foundation communities

Anything you love about them?

They all created a collection together that was both good art-wise and very successful on the market together

What do you feel artists are respected in the community?

Yes, Initially, it was geared more towards digital artists, but now people from different backgrounds are joining the platform to try out new things.

Do you feel there is something missing in the space/community right now?

"A lot of sense"People are creating a lot of scams right now: creating multiple projects, pulling rugs, and creating collections without a long-term vision

Do you feel something in the community that can be improved?


What makes you love NFTs?

NFTs provide unique and clear evidence that the artist owns and is author of the work, since minting artists are listed as the original owners of digital artwork linked to NFT.

User Persona & Journey Map

Based on the information collected, we found a few categories of people clearly forming as we progressed in our research. Our team created personas & their journey maps to ensure that all our teammates are focused on the same thing as well as determine what data we need to use.




🚧 Problems

  • Discord’s UX is very confusing for new users.
  • Lots of scammers.
  • Overcrowded discord channels many people stop using chat channels except for the main channel when there are multiple ones. All queries, jokes, memes, etc. are posted in the main chat. The rest are left empty.
  • No community events. Communities thrive on events. A community cannot survive without events, chat isn't a viable alternative in the long run.
  • In reviewing the user insights, we noticed that many of the users ask the same questions over and over again on the server, which made it harder for administrators to answer them.


Newbie channel
  • As soon as a new user joins, he/she should be redirected to #newbie-chat and dm tutorial videos via Mee6 bot.
  • #newbie-chat It is a place where newbies can ask any doubts they might have, and anyone who answers them can be tracked with bot and rewarded for their contribution
  • Tutorials to send via dm- -How to get started with discord -Types of scams and how to avoid them -Jargons used in NFT & crypto space -Content to get started with NFTs
FAQ bot
  • Answer frequently asked questions such as
  • Provide them with information about how to establish their own first NFT by giving them the basics or supporting articles.
  • You can help new users clarify their needs by guiding them step-by-step and answering their questions.
  • In the support, we could see there were lots of messages, so some urgent ones were not addressed with the help of the bot, which can be resolved by putting them on the priority list.


1. The NFT Communities have been a point of interaction for many people. Popular NFT communities are as large as 100k+ active members attracting a large part of the population globally and align themselves with a similar idea.

2. Survey-based user interviews provided us better insights and problem identification rather than form-based interviews at scale.

3. Virtual spaces for interaction are the future. Simple and exclusive accessibility to connect with like-minded people is something these internet communities made possible.

If you're an ape holder try this- ℹjust change the numbers at the end of the link


Rakshit Agarwal