A masterclass for Writing


Medium Masterclass

This is an assignment given in the cohort to design the Onboarding, Browse Products, Product Details and Checkout flows for the mobile app for a masterclass

I decided to design a masterclass experience under Medium App

Here is some part of the documentation:

What are the company’s goals and mission?

Medium Masterclass mission is to provide masterclasses and workshops for content writing including several domains like creative writing, marketing, SEO, technical writing etc.

How does their business get revenue?

A suscription for medium Premium that includes premium services of the platform, access to upto 3 courses in the app

Who is their target audience?

Bloggers, experienced writers with experience over a blogging platform like Medium

Beginners, Novice writers

What are users' expectations for the app?

Get a masterclass by renowned creators,writers,marketors etc, and learn how to use medium as a platform to build their personal brand

What goals and tasks should the app support?


  • Provide masterclass in different genres
  • Get conducted by several renowned creators
  • Get a certain (certification) for attending the masterclasses

Become a partner at Medium Partner Program


  • Choose specific domains
  • Provide masterclass in different genres
  • Discussion Platform
  • Profile

To be continued..